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AudiCities are exclusive, very rare and premium car showrooms of Audi. You need special permission to use this name “AudiCity” and not every country gets it. Happily we have one here, in Warsaw. Beautiful, stylish, calm place where you cannot only meet your friends and drink coffee (yes, there is “social space” for it) but you can also wear VR gogles and then edit your new car, see all kind of models, styles, addons etc. That’s why this is the most technologically developed system of presenting your brand new car!

Thank you Isobar I was the part of the team who were responsible for redesigning website. My task was to create UX and UI for AudiCity.

Interesting project

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Why? Well, the website which was created for AudiCity Warszawa was made in cooperation with Audi itself. So it was great pleasure to colaborate with Audi, AudiCity, developers and clients.

Before starting, we decided to visit AudiCity and get to know people behind the scene. Workers, clients, everyday life there. Who are the clients? Do they have private or business needs? What questions do they ask? What data do they need? Thanks to the manager of the AudiCity we could reach these data and start the process.

Let’s start redesign

First of all we needed to make an internal audit and compare it with the external one. Read all pain points. Consume data in which we have black on white what users do, what’s immposible for them to achieve.

Then put it in one line with business goals, Audi expectations and everyday reality in AudiCity Warszawa. You can imagine that it wasn’t easy task to do. However we started with the Lo-Fi Mockups and benchmarking. I presented the main idea of deviding the website in two parts. First one – really important for Audi and AudiCity – “About the AudiCity”. In this part we could explain more about this amazing and mesmerizing place. We needed to walk out to the clients, show them “Hey! Now you cannot only see the Audi, but you can experience it with all yourself thanks to new technologies”. Second one – it is still dealer, so we need to sell cars.

You can easily see it in the header of the website.

Old Homepage

Redesign proposition

Main goals

We decided to put more information on homepage. Kind of teasers. So you can meet and get wind of AudiCity. Shortly presented this technology which makes AudiCity so Premium. Allowed user to breath by making design more luxury, more premium, less heavy, more minimalistic and adding a lot of white space which makes user’s eye rest. From busy, engaing and almost attacking images, from distracted attention we have created a well-thought, solid, requirements-matching website, based on Audi Brandbook and Styleguide, with a little bit of AudiCity soul and clients needs / concerns. That’s how the project developed.

Old “About us” subpage

Redesign proposition

No stock! Private assets

It is important to understand that what you see here is kind of placeholder for assets. Audi and AudiCity invested into project and decided to make their photos, movies and graphical assets for this purpose. We totally recommended that and agreed with this.

After designing few sites and compare with the old designs we started to work on an online store and model subpages and decided to create more compact view with more offers on one screen to prevent the endless scrolling mode, fully automated with data from Audi database. In this case whenever the description of the model will change on Audi website it will change also on the car showroom website.

Old “Model” subpage

Redesign proposition

Old “Model” subpage

Redesign proposition

What’s new?

AudiCity also has a lot of great events from time to time and they wanted a place to show it. To describe past events or announce upcoming ones. This is the “Events” subpage. We decided to make it much bigger, add short description of the event before opening dedicated subpage and add social buttons linking us to the social medias.

Old “Events” subpage

Redesign proposition

That’s it. That’s the whole process.

After few more screens, new styleguide and after prototyping in Adobe XD with the clickable link we finished it! The concept was positively received and went to the developers team.


What may be interesting for you:

Scope of work: UI/UX Design, UX consulting, presentations to Audi and AudiCity.
Softwares: Adobe XD, Adobe Ilustrator, Jira.
Work system: Task oriented. Based on regular meetings with the client.

Task: Commercial project of redesign existing AudiCity Warszawa website.

I hope soon we will see the dev works and brand new website. Developing is still in progress. 🙂 Stay tuned!

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